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UFC 232 post-fight

Cyborg is up. She wants to know why they didn’t let her talk after the fight. Maybe because she was knocked out? She has one fight left on the contract. I really doubt we see her fight in the Octagon again. This is a DJ rerun. She was a dominant champ with no competition. Tonight’s events just opened up some new possibilities for all the women at 135. Now I’m […]

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Great night for two champions

Amanda Nunes shocked the world and knocked out Cyborg. I’m watching the press conference ànd now I think she just created some drama. Dana wasn’t stoked about a rematch, and now Amanda is saying the same thing. Is Cyborg getting run out of the UFC? This is how it ended with DJ too. I think this is the end of the 145 division. Dana keeps teasing that they have some […]

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UFC 232 Prelims

Uriah Hall won, but he’s not looking so good. Should have knocked out that youngster early. And that wasn’t even the featured bout. Ryan Hall went for a leg lock. Shocker. I guess if you have one great move you use it. Often. Ask Ronda Rousey. Cat got kicked in the eye and that was a wrap. I think it was either Greg Jackson or Winklejohn who got a nasty […]

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2018 goes out with a punch

Another fight week is here for the UFC, and a lot of fans are disgusted by the latest chapter in the ongoing drama – these are the days of our lives. I love watching fights; I’m a hardcore fan. But I can’t join the mob saying, you’re a scumbag, a bum, etc. There are some egregious cases, sure (Brock), but in the case with Jon, we’re talking about picograms of […]

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