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When you lose to the #14 ranked fighter, your days of being a contender might be over. You fight to pay the bills now. Strange humility on display last night. Was that humility or lost confidence? Seems JJ lost more than the belt in those battles with Rose. She’s still a contender, but certainly not at 125, and according to all the smart people, she was killing herself cutting to […]

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There is some real wisdom in Dana White’s remark, “don’t leave it in the hands of the judges.” The prelims were a 29/28 mess. But good on Dhiego for getting that KO. M

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UFC 231 is here. My picks: T-City by Chaos Joanna by Chaos. Whoever wins will be champ for quite awhile. Women’s fly is like Men’s 205 – there’s Gus and Jones and no one else. If Joanna wins, she’ll be asking for another shot at the straw weight belt. The Superfight nobody wants. Cowboy Oliveira by sub Marreta by KO Claudia by whatever. I’m not high on Nina Ansaroff. OAM. […]

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Didn’t somebody say there are levels to this game? There are levels, my friend. I was rooting for all the Australians and they all lost. Mark Hunt, at one point, decided he’d just get his money and go home. That fight was only marginally better than Lewis v Ngannou. And he had nothing to say to his people after the fight. Very disappointed in Hunto tonight. What is wrong with […]

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What I learned tonight

That these guys who decide to go up in weight (or go down in weight) because of devastating losses always hit a wall. RDA did tonight, which led the commentators to wonder if he’s going back down to 155. He looked demoralized in between rounds. Just like Holloway is going to look when T-City gets ahold of that neck. Antonina Shevchenko won, but that was a boring fight. I’m still […]

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In case you missed it

MMA is something. Most of the time, the person who should win a fight (on paper) actually wins the fight. But it’s the chaos we keep coming back for. I am here for the chaos. Speaking of which, why does RDA keep talking about a title shot? He’s not fighting for the title when he can’t even get past Colby Covington. Usman is getting his hand raised this weekend. Sage […]

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Tito finally beats Chuck

He beat Chuck when there was nothing at stake. No made up title, ranking, no bragging rights. Come on, Chuck is near 50 and nowhere near the fighter he used to be. Lots of folks are saying how sad the whole thing was. Why so sad? These dudes fight for money and they know the risks. I didn’t watch it – I wasn’t interested in seeing those two fight (and […]

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Fun Night of Fights

#UFC Beijing: Fight Night 141 Jag got destroyed. Didn’t see that coming. I fell asleep at some point after Jingliang’s fight and woke up to Alaistair Overeem getting the vaseline. Then he actually beat a guy. Didn’t see that coming either. He’s been knocked out so many times, I have a hard time watching him fight. But he won and celebrated like he beat a contender. Reminded me of when […]

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